We love seeing all the 2018 color predictions; from the fashion milieu to the construction industry, everyone is releasing their “it” colors. Pantone released theirs last week: Ultra Violet, an intense, dramatic color. Although our colors are not as vibrant as that, they surely grab the eye.

Let’s see what 2018 has in store for us.

Metallics have become the new neutrals. We have seen these hues everywhere, from traditional silver color to edgy, dark graphite these standout shades will elevate the look of your home. What makes these colors “it” for 2018? They are matte metallics!

The high shine, high gloss that we are used to seeing has been replaced with refined, subdued metallics. This allows them to be paired with a variety of color combinations without distracting from the overall color scheme.

Metallic Silver

This sleek, modern color is the perfect highlight when paired against a dark colored exterior. Using this shade will accentuate all your windows and create a striking contrast. Exterior cladding in bold, rich colors are on-trend and combining our Metallic Silver will further add to your home’s curb appeal.

Metallic Gray

An elegant, muted color Metallic Gray is an ideal transitional shade. This color will not overwhelm your design scheme. It will create a subtle effect paired against deep shades, toning them down. Combining this color with lighter shades will allow for a harmonious palette which will add just the right touch of sophistication.

Metallic Pewter

This chic, contemporary color adds a smidge of drama. This shade brings unexpected depth and dimension to the overall exterior of your home. Not as intense as black and more pronounced than a charcoal, Metallic Pewter is edgy without being in your face. This stylish color will uplift the look of your home instantly.

Metallic Graphite

An intense, rich color Metallic Graphite combines two sought after elements: a complex dark shade and a modern finish. Choosing this color for your windows will draw in the eye and enhance your windows’ architecture. This color can be paired with a variety of exterior materials from vinyl, wood to stone adding visual interest and sought after beauty.

From vivid colors to revamped neutrals, 2018 promises to have something for everyone. Which is your favorite metallic color? Unveil your inner artist and share with us your color pairings.