In last month’s blog article we focused on helping you choose the perfect bedroom and living room windows. This time around, we will be helping you choose the appropriate windows for two key-rooms in your home: your bathroom and kitchen!

Bathroom Windows

When choosing the perfect bathroom window(s), three very important factors come into play: ventilation, natural lighting and privacy. The size of your bathroom will determine how many windows you can have and the direction of the walls will also determine its exposure to light. We mustn’t forget that everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to style and décor. All things considered, awning windows seem to be the preferred option. They have a tilt feature wherein the panes can open without compromising the privacy. If they are placed properly and high enough, awning windows will give you the ventilation you need!

Kitchen Windows

Given that your kitchen is definitely one of the most used rooms in your home, we think it is important to choose windows that will best fit this room. Think about enhancing this room with more natural light, a beautiful view and some fresh air. It is also important to take the overall style and architecture of your home into consideration. Sliding windows which include double hung, single hung and slider windows seem to be the most popular choices. They create a classic style, which fits with most styles. The also provide good ventilation and are easy to unlock and open, making them very practical to use.

Take a look at our inspiration page for more inspiration on how to choose the perfect bathroom and kitchen windows!