Window Options

We put a lot of emphasis on saving energy and comfort. Our state-of-the-art glass options offer superior thermal efficiency and fade reduction and all of our windows come equipped to stand up to the harshest of elements. With increased efficiency you don’t have to sacrifice style. We offer a variety of color, exterior and grille choices that will compliment any home. It’s easy to personalize your windows and doors to achieve a look distinctive to you.

Glass Options

KP Windows Proprietary Vertex High-Performance Glass Technology Is Engineered To Provide Superior Thermal Efficiency, Superior Glass Clarity And Superior Air Infiltration Protection.


Sol-R® Gain 180 is our standard glass package as it is very well suited to our northern climate. This glass is covered with one layer of Low-E coating and sealed with Argon gas between the panes, for excellent energy efficiency. This glass package provides good insulation performance and maximum solar gain – in other words, this is the best glass option when you would like to capture the sun’s warming rays in the winter. Sol-R® Gain 180 lets winter sun’s heat pass into the home, while blocking 71% of damaging UVrays.

  • Good insulation performance
  • Highest ENERGY STAR® approved
  • Maximum solar gain
  • Blocks 71% of damaging UV rays
  • Light transmittance: 79%

SOL-R® SHIELD Plus 366:

Sol-R® Shield Plus 366 is a glass which is covered with three layers of Low-E coating and sealed with Argon gas between the panes. Sol-R® Shield Plus 366 provides the best insulation performance with only moderate solar gain – in other words, this is the best glass option when you would like to reflect the sun’s heat from entering the home. This package prevents the sun from heating the home in the summer and reflects the homes heat back into the room in the winter. This glass blocks 95% of damaging UV rays.

  • Maximum Shield – Provides highest level of comfort year round
  • Moderate Heat Gain
  • Maximum Heat Retention
  • 3 layers of Low-E coating
  • Blocks 95% of damaging UV rays
  • Light transmittance: 65%

Sol-R Shield Plus 366 is the one low-E product that can qualify in all four US climate zones: superior insulating value in the North, and clear solar control for everywhere else in the country.

Textured Glass Options:

Textured glass options – including satin, frosted, and glue chip – are great for improved privacy! These options are great for bathrooms, ground floor and basement windows, or other rooms which require permanent privacy.

Tinted Glass Options:

Glass tints – including grey and bronze – help to control glare and add some privacy during the day by lending colour and exterior shine to the glass, reducing visibility from the exterior; tinted glass provides little to-no privacy at night. Tinted glass also provides a unique, modern aesthetic.

What is Triple Glass?

Triple glass features a glass unit which is composed of three panes of glass, as opposed to our standard two panes. Just as our dual-pane glass, the panes of glass are separated by a ‘spacer bar’ and sealed with argon gas between the glass. Triple glass was created to address efficiency in extreme climates like the Canadian north.

  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Perfect for use in extreme climates
  • Triple Sol-R Gain with Double Low-E Argon improves ER Value by 6% over our standard Dual Pane Low-E Argon
  • Triple Sol-R Shield with Double Low-E Argon improves R Value by 33% over our standard Dual Pane Low-E Argon
  • Triple Sol-R Shield with Double Low-E Argon improves U Value by 33% over our standard Dual Pane Low-E Argon
  • Triple Sol-R Shield with Double Low-E Argon meets Canadian Energy Star requirements


Brickmould is an exterior trim which frames the window like a picture frame. Functionally, it is used to fill the gap between the window and the exterior surface (stone, siding, etc.); aesthetically, it lends the home a richer look.


All of our casement and awning windows feature premium Truth® Encore operators*. Not only does the Truth® Encore handle fold in, it also features a nesting cover so that the handle actually recesses and will not interfere with your window coverings! The Encore operator functions smoothly and requires up to 33% less effort to operate than other models. Truth® Encore handles offer a smooth, contemporary look and are available in standard white as well as the following finishes:

Color Options

Chroma VX technology is based on a specific blend of urethane and acrylic polymers. This proprietary process provides a beautiful rich, low gloss, smooth finish that will last throughout the years.

Chroma VX, an exclusive technologically advanced formulation enhances weatherability and is compliant with the highest standards of AAMA. Our versatile color system allows you to add any of our window colors (below) to your window’s exterior, while leaving the interior finish a neutral white.

Simulated Divided Lites

SDL (Simulated Divided Lites) are engineered grille solutions for a variety of clients and applications (manufacturers, fabricators, distributors, dealers and architects) where assured quality and value come together. They give your grilles a classic, divided light look for rectangular patterns – bringing continuous horizontal and vertical bar components together. Plus you can choose from a variety of non-rectangular shapes – or let us create your custom look.


Grilles are made of aluminum and are installed between the panes of glass (meaning you never have to dust them!) and are used solely for aesthetic purposes. Grilles can be used to match your home’s existing windows or to customize the look of your home.

Interior Finish Options

The depth of your window is rarely the exact depth of your wall. To match the depth of your wall from the interior, a jamb extension is used. The jamb extension is available in a number of materials and fits into a receiving channel located in the window frame, providing a seamless transition between your window and your wall.