1. They’re broken, damaged or warped

It is possible to repair minor window issues such as broken hardware, damaged weatherstripping or even replacing a window pane. But bigger issues will require a replacement, a broken window sash , a warped frame, these most of the time cannot be repaired. Do you notice a draft coming from your windows? Do they fog up? Do you notice that the opening and closing is more difficult than it used to be? All these might be a sign that it’s time to plan on replacing them.

  1. Time to reduce your energy bill

Did you know that drafty windows can cause your energy bill to spike between 10% to 25%? Replacing your windows with energy-efficient ones can reduce your heating and cooling bills. As an added incentive, governments also offer tax breaks for these types of renovations. Not only are you saving on your energy bills you will also save money with these programs. Make sure to do your research as not all windows are created equal and don’t forget to take your location into consideration.

  1. It’s time for a face lift

Your home’s first impression speaks volumes and we are just talking about the exterior. One of your home’s most prominent features are the windows. If these look worn and faded your house will as well. Think of changing their color when you are replacing them. With an array of color options now available in energy-efficient windows, it is easy to add extra curb appeal and really make your home standout. Consider choosing larger windows, this has been a trend in recent years and will instantly elevate the look of your home.

  1. Winter took a toll on your home

Winter can take a toll on your home from burst pipes to ice build up. Canadian winters are extremely harsh on the exterior of your home including your windows. Prolonged exposure to ice build up on your windows can cause warping and structural damage to the window frames. Air infiltration can also cause damage and drive up your energy bills. Consider replacing your windows with high-performance Energy Star certified windows before the next winter season hits and enjoy the savings.

  1. You’re thinking of selling

Homeowners know it’s important to look at their return on their investment when choosing which home improvement projects to undertake prior to placing their house on the market. As mentioned earlier, the look of the exterior of your home will instantly set the tone for the rest of it. Choosing the correct style and color of your windows will dramatically improve the overall look of your home. In short replacing your windows will boost the value of your home.

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