Choosing the appropriate windows for your home has proven to be a very interesting challenge. Our first piece of advice would be to take it one room at a time. Hence, today we will be focusing on choosing the perfect bedroom and living room windows!

Bedroom Windows

Replacing your windows can definitely help create your dream bedroom! Remember though, there are quite a few elements to consider. A bedroom should be a synonym of peace and quiet. It is the one room in the house reserved for sleep time. Hence, the objective is to create a stylish and peaceful décor. Bedroom window styles should match the carpeting, furniture or bedding of your room. You also want to create a natural light that will give you a lovely view to wake up to in the morning. We suggest our very popular casement windows. They are hinged on the side, provide a contemporary look with unobstructed views and are sure to inspire you.

Living Room Windows

When replacing your living room windows, it is important to consider the layout of the room (how and where your furniture is placed). Natural light is another very important element to consider. You want to think about how exactly the light will hit the furniture. Will it cause a glare? Will it cause excessive heat? Natural light can also enhance the colors of your room. The color of the windows will also change the style of your living room. Bay and bow windows have become a very popular choice for living rooms. They allow for a beautiful window seat. Argon-filled glass with Low-E standard.

Take a look at our inspiration page for more inspiration on how to choose the perfect bedroom and living room windows!