Purchasing vinyl windows can be a double edge sword. They offer great insulation and are known to be easy to maintain. Hence, you might be less inclined to take care of them and make sure they are well preserved. Do not fall into that trap! Below are some easy tips and tricks that will help you care and maintain them so that they can last a lifetime.

Easy Clean

When it comes to cleaning your vinyl windows – it is a piece of cake really! A touch of mild dish soap and some water will do the trick! This will remove any dirt from your vinyl surface. If you have a sliding window, it is important to keep the track insert area clean. It is equally important to maintain the hardware systems of your windows. The use of silicone based spray lubricant on the frame tracks, as well as balancing of the hardware is recommended to ensure proper window operation. The same mix of soap and water will work just fine. Here’s the good news: Bonneville windows are made with Vertex3 high performance glass technology which, among other things, produces cleaner and clearer windows. The titanium dioxide coating absorbs the sun’s UV rays, loosening dirt particles and allowing water to rinse them away naturally. Water spots are also reduced by 99%, creating great glass clarity.

Making Adjustments

Often enough, harsh climate changes can have a considerable impact on your vinyl windows.  In this case, it will be necessary to adjust locking mechanisms which can become loose. When it comes to casement windows, you can remove the upper set of screws and loosen the side screws in order to position the window properly. Then you can simply tighten it back into place.

Winter Season

Winter conditions can definitely cause some damage to your vinyl windows. This is why it is important to think of preventive maintenance. Be proactive! We suggest you start by removing your screen before winter hits, in order to prevent mold build-up. Also, you must make sure to clean and dry them before reinstalling them in the spring.

Easy enough right? The hard part is taking the time to care for your vinyl windows. Yes folks, swap your short term pain for some long term gain. If your maintenance is done right, vinyl windows can definitely be considered as a long term investment!