It’s official “winter is coming”! I am sure you have noticed the days getting shorter, the ever increasing layers we are putting on and that cold chill in the air. All signs pointing towards the approach of winter. So let’s get ready for it!

Did you know that windows and doors are the number one culprits for allowing cold air in? This will not only increase your energy bill, it will also decrease the comfort level of your home.

 Here are are few general tips to identify and rectify draft issues :

  • Take a look at your windows, a good look

If you notice any cracks in your window panes, it is imperative to have the pane replaced before winter arrives. Any cracks will allow the cold air to infiltrate and drive your heating costs up throughout the season.

  • Locked and ready

Although this seems quite elementary, go around your home and make sure all windows are shut properly and locked. Improper closing will also allow for air infiltration.

  • Feel the air

On a particularly cold night, get up close to your windows and doors and feel for drafts. Run your hands around the edges of the windows and doors, mark any areas that you feel air coming in with a pencil.

  • Fill them up

Mild drafts can be fixed with insulation tape, foam or caulk. Fill larger holes with foam and caulk around windows that are letting cold air in.  We do highly suggest contacting an expert for overly drafty windows and doors as this might require replacing the units.

  • Add some insulation

Your local hardware store probably sells window wrapping kits, these list contain a heat-shrink plastic that lays over the top of your window and is heated into position. Bear in mind that the best insulation still lies in brand new double pane windows which were manufactured for such efficiency.

You can also purchase adhesive-backed foam for mild draft issues. These are placed at the top of the upper window sash as well as at the bottom sash and then firmly shut the window on top of the foam.

  • Decorate with purpose

You can also add another layer of insulation by draping heavy curtains over your windows. Choose a dark color to help absorb heat from the sun and maximize on its natural warmth.

By following some of these steps you will be able to cut down on drafts and more importantly on your energy bill. A little effort at the start of the season that will insure your comfort during the cold months.

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