KP Windows uses a technology called EC Tech, which is standard on all our custom window designs. We apply a product called titanium dioxide on the exterior surface of our glass during the production phase. This product adds a smooth surface to the glass, which allows with the help of the sun’s UV rays, for any organic material to decompose. This also allows the water to evaporate more quickly, eliminating spotting. The windows stay cleaner, with 99% fewer spots, and dry three times faster. This being said, you will still need to maintain your windows on a timely bases and make sure they are properly cleaned!

Here are some tips on how to properly clean your windows:

  • Never use solvents to clean windows, they may damage them and void warranty. Use a mild solution of hot soapy water and a soft clean cloth. Water and vinegar can be used as well.
  • Use a squeegee instead of paper towels to avoid leaving streaks.
  • You can use vegetable oil to remove sticky residue from glass, but n­ever use metal scraper or knife, as you may scratch the surface.
  • Clean vinyl exterior annually. Clean frames and glass twice a year.
  • Use of water stream from hose for higher windows works well.
  • Double hung are easy to clean, as the sashes drop down inwards to allow you to clean both the exterior and interior sides of the glass.

We hope these tips will help you keep your windows spotless and immaculate! Remember, a clean home exterior looks that much more welcoming and inviting!