From dark and mat colors to traditional commercial brown, painted PVC windows are definitely trending in 2020. But what is the best color for your PVC windows? It all depends on your tastes and the style you are aiming for!


The current trend is in contrast. The arrangement of darker and paler tones is in order. Windows, being a component of the building envelope, go hand in hand with the exterior cladding and exterior trim moldings. Our ChromaVX colors are a perfect match for your Kaycan / KWP NatureTech coating. Precursor with its matte finish, ChromaVX will give you a wide range of dark and pale colors to achieve the perfect contrast!


Modern, contemporary, Industrial and so on! All of these styles are in place in 2020. The impact would be reduced if it weren’t for colors to harmonize everything. The most beautiful asymmetrical window with a modern look would not have as much punch if it were not for the popular black color. After all, black is the new white! ChromaVX paint helps you put the finishing touches on your window style. Our premium colors; Metallic Silver, Metallic Gray, Metallic Graphite and Metallic Pewter, are an ideal match for any industrial project and a unique innovation in the window industry. Our standard colors are all produced with a matte finish that will harmonize both dark colors and lighter shades. You will therefore have everything you need for your projects, for both contemporary and colonial styles.

In the end, the best colors for your PVC window are the ChromaVX colors!